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Box Office Xpress prints dot matrix tickets, thermal tickets and receipt-style tickets. It is necessary that you purchase quality ticket stock from a reputable supplier, especially for thermal tickets.

Pictures of Ticket Stock:
Thermal Hard Ticket Image
    All built-in thermal ticket layouts (includes stub locations)
Dot Matrix Ticket Image
Thermal Receipt Ticket Image

Ordering Ticket Stock

When contacting a company about thermal tickets, tell them that you are interested in purchasing ticket stock for a computerized box office. You will also need to tell them the make and model of the printer you are using (example ... [make] Practical Automation, [model] ITX). Ticket stock designed for one model of printer often will not work on another model.

Unless you are having a custom ticket layout designed in Box Office Xpress*, the ticket stock size must be 2" x 5", optionally including 1 or 2 stubs. Box Office Xpress currently has designs for a 1" stub on the left (front) side as well as an optional 1 1/8" or 1 3/8" stub on the right (back). The front refers to the direction that the ticket is fed into the printer. Regardless, you can rotate the layout within Box Office Xpress so it doesn't matter if you get the left and right ends mixed up. More ...

In addition, you will need to consider the placement of any pre-printing (such as a logo) that you may want done by the ticket stock supplier, keeping in mind how text is printed on the existing styles that are built into the program. You likely will want to make certain that any solid image you may want pre-printed on the stock is not placed where the program is going to print over top of it. If you are having something printed as a watermark, then it doesn't really matter so much where it goes from the perspective that the text is likely intended to be printed over top. Also note that the theatre name and info is always printed on the ticket by the program so there is no point in having the ticket stock supplier pre-print that information on the tickets.

A reminder that if you got a 300dpi printer that you will need stock designed for 300dpi.

* Other printed styles and sizes for thermal tickets can be custom designed for you by us or by using the Ticket Customization add-on.

Receipt-style ticket stock is just receipt paper that you can find at an office supply retailer. Make sure that is designed correctly for use in your Epson TM-T88II receipt printer. We are currently looking into supplying a specialty receipt paper that has a vertical perforation.

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