Box Office Xpress Junior Patch

IMPORTANT:  If you do not yet have version 4.1.1027 installed, you must download and install that first before applying the update below.



Description: The latest update of the program. This is a patch file, meaning that instead of a typical installer program, you will simply place the extracted file(s) in the correct location on your computer(s). This is typically something like... C:\Program Files\Box Office Xpress Junior 4. Or for Vista or Windows 7... C:\Program Files (x86)\Box Office Xpress Junior 4

Refer to the history for details of this version
File Name: boxjrpatch.exe or boxjrpatch7.exe
Version: 4.1.1041 
Size: 4.6 MB
Updated On: August 10, 2013
Platform: Windows NT4, 2000, 2003, XP, Vista (32/64bit), Windows 7 (32/64bit)
We do not endorse the use of Windows 8 as a practical operating system for business applications like Box Office Xpress Junior.


Windows Vista or Windows 7: Download the Box Office Xpress Junior patch update

Previous versions of Windows: Download the Box Office Xpress Junior patch update

The above 2 downloads are the same files, they just default to the most obvious installation path to make things easier.

Important Notes:



+    New feature
o    Change
-     Fix


4.1.1041 - August 10, 2013
- When editing a Series, you would be able to save the edited Series with no Series name (there was the possibility that a user could clear the Series name field and, instead if hitting Cancel, would hit Save by mistake). This would cause repetitive errors in the Event Details window, and possibly in the Order screen. The program no longer allows that to happen.

o Program information, such as the new company name (Mark Lewis & Associates) has been changed.


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